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Quiz your noodle test

03/11/2012 by angie · 2 Comments · Student blogging challenge

hi everyone,

for this weeks student blogging challenge (#7) the topic is Science. I chose to take a science quiz!

The quiz was things about science and it was very interesting.

Did you know?

Mars is colder than an ice-cream, ice and an ice burg! It drops to-200 degrees at night BRRRRRR!

Unfortunately, I didn’t do so well and didn’t beat the score which was four answers correct on the first go. I got…well…see for yourself below…

So i didn’t do that well… but thats OK! Maybe you will! To take the quiz, click here!

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  • natalie16

    Hi! Those facts are really interesting! I never knew Mars gets colder than ice! That probably has something to do with the fact that no astronaut has ever been there. I haven’t taken the quiz yet, but I’m guessing it’s really hard.

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