The Sydney FC Season

Hey everyone,

Yes, the season for Sydney FC has sadly ended for the 2012/13 season. (They didn’t make it into the finals 🙁 )

If you want to check out every score from every round this season, you can simply click right HERE!

The latest match score was 3-1, Sydney FC vs Brisbane Roar, (Brisbane won)

Here are a couple of photos from a couple of rounds that Sydney have played this season,

Sydney is sky blue!

Round 3

Round 17

Round 20

(Source: Football Australia

Pictures:Pic 1 / Pic 2 / Pic 3)

First day of High School!

Hi people,

Today was the first day of High School! I was really excited and nervous (mostly excited)

There is 111 students all together in Year7, so about 57 new girls which is a pretty huge year to me! Today we got our timetable, found out who was in our Pastrol Care groups, and had a lot of fun! We also got told where our locker is and got a padlock for it which was really difficult to lock and unlock.

We didn’t have any work today but tomorrow we are starting classes and having our school photos done!

Are you starting something exciting, but also nerve racking at the same time? Did you enjoy it? Are you maybe in the Year7 too and know how I feel?

Also, just a quick Sydney FC update, unfortunately they lost 3-1 against Melbourne Victory last Saturday 🙁 Joel Griffiths scored a fabulous goal and Del Piero did a fantastic cross!



SydneyFC Round 15 and QLD!

Hi everyone,

This weeks away match against Perth Glory FC and Sydney FC was a real close one.

Jason Culina was welcomed back to the Sky Blues after having a knee reconstruction AND scored  a great goal!!

Sebastian Ryall  also scored an awesome goal for Sydney FC!

Shane Smeltz from Perth Glory was also welcomed back, and scored two goals!


(Sydney FC on the right Perth Glory FC on the left)

Sydney FC

2 goals

  • 62″ Jason CULINA
  • 81″ Sebastian RYALL

2 yellow cards

  • 56″ Trent MCCLENAHAN
  • 87″ Brett EMERTON

0 red cards

Perth Glory FC

2 goals

  • 38″Shane SMELTZ
  • 79″Shane SMELTZ

3 yellow cards

  • 55″Dean HEFFERNAN
  • 67″Danny VUKOVIC
  • 86″Chris HAROLD

0 red cards


(Sources: match report info and results pic- Football Australia)

(Video- Football Australia)

Sydney FC Round 12

Hello everybody!

Here is last weeks Sydney FC game against New Castle Jets.


(Sydney FC on the right NewCastle Jets on the left)

Sydney FC

1 goal  31″ Yairo YAU

2 yellow  cards 11″ Fabio ALVES 22″ Adam GRIFFITHS

0 red cards

Newcastle Jets FC

2 goals 12″ Craig GOODWIN 25″ Emile HESKEY

1 yellow cards 59″ Samuel GALLAWAY

0 red cards

Crowd 17,402 at Hunter Stadium

(Sources: match report info and results pic- Football Australia)

(Pictures: 1st picture. 2nd picture)

Edublogs Awards- results!

Hiya everyone!

Yesterday the edublogs awards winners were announced! I would just like to congragulate all of the winners! Great job! 😀


Here are the results…

1.  Best individual blog

The winner of the Best Individual Edublog 2012….2,293 total votes

Winner: Seomra Ranga (336 votes)
–Runner UpSpeech Techie – Sean Sweeney (260 votes)
–Runner UpFilm English – Kieran Donaghy ( 183 votes)
–Runner UpFree Technology for Teachers – Richard Byrne (152 votes)
–Runner UpGridjumper’s Blog (107 votes)

Check out all individual blog finalists and results here!

2.  Best group blog

The winner of the Best Group Edublog 2012….1,744 votes

Winner: Edutopia (289 votes)
–Runner UpASHAsphere (226 votes)
–Runner UpNerdy Book Club (142 votes)
–Runner UpDigital Leader Network (124 votes)
–Runner UpEdudemic (103 votes)

Check out all group finalists and results here!

4.  Best new blog

The winner of the Best New Edublog 2012….3,148 votes

Winner: Edutech for Teachers – Jamie Forshey (217 votes)
–Runner Upedcetera – Rafter Blog | straight talk on ed tech (207 votes)
–Runner UpQuests and Treks – A teacher’s journey – Daniela Bunea (157 votes)
–Runner UpSpeech Adventures – Mary Huston (123 votes)
–Runner UpDiane Ravitch’s Blog (111 votes)

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5.  Best class blog

The winner of the Best Class Edublog 2012….2,924 votes

Winner: Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog (317 votes)
–Runner UpFabulous 5S (217 votes)
–Runner Up4KM And 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School (207 votes)
–Runner Up3/4C & 3/4K @ UPPS (205 votes)
–Runner Up:  3/4C @ The Junction (186 votes)

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6. Best student blog

The winner of the Best student edublog 2012….1,897

Winner: Jaden’s Awesome Blog (267 votes)
–Runner UpMEAOW @ Josie’s Blog (190 votes)
–Runner UpHanna B. gradstudentSLP  (165 votes)
–Runner UpSLP_Echo (128 votes)
–Runner Up:  GBM Corner (127 votes)

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7.  Best Ed Tech / resource sharing blog

The winner of the Best Ed Tech / resource sharing edublog….2,924 votes

Winner: Free Technology for Teachers – Richard Byrne (219 votes)
–Runner UpSpeech Techie – Sean J. Sweeney (212 votes)
–Runner UpEdutopia (142 votes)
–Runner UpPediastaff (134 votes)
–Runner Up:  Edukwest (130 votes)

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8. Best teacher blog

The winner of the Best Teacher edublog 2012….2,391votes

Winner: – Caroline Bowen (236 votes)
–Runner UpThe Nerdy Teacher – Nicholas Provenzano (216 votes)
–Runner UpCtrl Alt Teach – Catherine “Cat” Horton Flippen (139 votes)
–Runner UpIntegrating Technology – Kathleen Morris (137 votes)
–Runner Up:  Teacher Tom (121 votes)

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9. Best librarian / library blog

The winner of the Best Librarian / Library edublog 2012….1,713 votes

Winner: Образователен блог (256 votes)
–Runner UpMighty Little Librarian – Tiffany Whitehead (236 votes)
–Runner UpBulldog Readers – Julie Hembree (214 votes)
–Runner UpWatch. Connect. Read. – Mr. Schu (149 votes)
–Runner Up:  The Adventures of Library Girl – Jennifer LaGarde (114 votes)

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10. Best School Administrator or Principal blog

The winner of the Best School Administrator or Principal edublog 2012….1,530 votes

Winner: Darcy Moore (163 votes)
–Runner UpThe Principal of Change – George Couros (143 votes)
–Runner UpДетски клуб СОУЕЕ (134 votes)
–Runner UpA Principal’s Reflections – Eric Sheringer (129 votes)
–Runner Up:  This and That – Jon Castelhano (73 votes)

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11.  Most influential blog post

The winner of the Most influential blog post 2012….1,766 votes

Winner: Jaden’s Awesome Blog – Ten things I’ve learned from blogging (433 votes)
–Runner UpMrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog – November is Family Blogging Month!  (228 votes)
–Runner UpLexical Linguist – Nomenclature and basic functions of Twitter (AKA Twitter 101 for SLPs and AUDs (151 votes)
–Runner UpTeach From the Heart – Evaluate Me, Please (84 votes)
–Runner Up:  Angela Maiers – 12 Things Kids Want from Their Teachers (84 votes)

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12.  Best individual tweeter

The winner of the Best Individual Tweeter 2012….1,559 votes

Winner: SpeechyKeenSLP (177 votes)
–Runner Upictmagic (164 votes)
–Runner UpRossMannell ( 109 votes)
–Runner Upcybraryman1 (105 votes)
–Runner Upfboss (103 votes)

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13.  Best Twitter hashtag

The winner of the Best Twitter Hashttag 2012….1,733 votes

Winner: #UnfollowBullying – student-initiated, student-led anti-bullying campaign from Elk Grove USD (265 votes)
–Runner Up#slpeeps  – For speech and language professionals (226votes)
–Runner Up#comments4kids – way for students and teachers to find blogs to comment on and to get their own posts commented on ( 166 votes)
–Runner Up: #edchateducation hashtag (163 votes)
–Runner Up#ukedchat – education in UK (147 votes)

Check out all best hashtags finalists and results here!

14.  Best Free Web tool

The winner of the Best Free Web tool 2012….1,342 votes

Winner: Twitter (223 votes)
–Runner Up: Glogster EDU (134 votes)
–Runner UpDropBox ( 128 votes)
–Runner Up: Edmodo (121 votes)
–Runner Up: Pinterest (107 votes)

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15.  Best Podcasts

The winner of the Best Podcast 2012….1,409 votes

Winner: A.T.TIPSCAST (184 votes)
–Runner UpInfinite Thinking Machine (171 votes)
–Runner UpTed Talks – Education ( 163 votes)
–Runner UpNerdy Cast (139 votes)
–Runner Up: Geek SLP (98 votes)

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16.  Best Use of Video and Media

The winner of the Best Use of Video and Media  2012….1,507 votes

Winner: Literacy Shed (245 votes)
–Runner UpHipHughes History (240 votes)
–Runner Up: Mr Avery’s Class ( 172 votes)
–Runner Up: Khan Academy (129 votes)
–Runner UpShelly Terrell (110 votes)

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17.  Best educational wiki

The winner of the Best educational wiki  2012….2,398 votes

Winner: English Classroom (342 votes)
–Runner UpICTMagic (212 votes)
–Runner UpDigital ID (111 votes)
–Runner UpStudent Made Maths Movies (111 votes)

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18.  Best free and Open PD

The winner of the Best free and open PD 2012….1,668 votes

Winner: EdWeb (328 votes)
–Runner UpTwitter Math Camp (256 votes)
–Runner UpTeachMeets (168 votes)
–Runner Up: Simple K12′s Webinars (158 votes)
–Runner UpEdCamps (151 votes)

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19.  Best Social Network for Educators

The winner of the Best Social network for educators 2012….1,704votes

Winner: Life Pulp (252 votes)
–Runner UpEdmodo (227 votes)
–Runner UpPedia Staff (216 votes)
–Runner UpISTE – SIGVE (97 votes)
–Runner UpThe aPLaNet Project (87 votes)

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20.  Best Mobile App

The winner of the Best Mobile App 2012….1,574votes

Winner: Flying Books App (218 votes)
–Runner UpEvernote (176 votes)
–Runner Up: Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch (98 votes)
–Runner Up: DropBox (83 votes)
–Runner UpFluencyFinder (81 votes)

Check out all best mobile app finalists and results here!

21.  Lifetime achievement

The winner of the Lifetime Acrhievenemt 2012….1,574votes

Winner: Tim Rylands (166 votes)
–Runner UpJenny Zhu (157 votes)
–Runner UpDarcy Moore (155 votes)
–Runner UpAl Rogers (146 votes)
–Runner UpSir Ken Robinson (111 votes)

(All of the above results are from the edublogs awards site.)

To check out more things such as the nominies, you can go to the edublogs awards site by clicking HERE!

Great job everyone!


Sydney FC Round 10

Ciao everybody!

This weeks game was a BRILLIANT game! Unfortunately, Del Piero couldn’t play because of a Hamstring injury, but sure enough that didn’t stop the Sydney FC players at all! In the end, the score was…


Sydney FC’s way! YAY!

Team Stats:

(Sydney FC on right Wellington Pheonix on the left)


Sydney FC

2 goals Sabastian RYALL 45″ and Rhyan GRANT 58″

23 fouls

4 yellow cards

1 red card


Wellington Pheonix

1 goal Jeremy BROOKE 90″

17 fouls

2 yellow cards

0 red cards

Crowd:7,375 @ Westpac Stadium

(Sources: match report info and results pic- Football Australia)

(Pictures: 1st picture. 2nd picture)


Last Chance To Vote!!

Hi everybody,

As you all know from the post I wrote below, my group blog, Digital Paradise has been nominated in the edublogs awards for best group blog! Also, a number of my friends blogs and my teachers blog have been nominated for some awards too! Please vote for Digital Paradise (if you want) and don’t forget to vote for my teachers blog and friends blogs too! Click on the picture to vote!

Keep blogging,

From Angie

Also vote for…

My classes class blog, Year 6rc for Best Class Blog! Vote here.
Esha’s blog This and That for Best Student Blog! Vote here.
Emily’s blog Dawso’s blog for Best Student Blog! Vote here.
Sophie S’s blog SophieS18 for Best Student Blog! Vote here.

Year 2rc at my school was also nominated for Best Class blog! Along with their other blog, Flat Rosie’s Adventures! Vote for them here.

My teacher, Mrs Miller has had her blog called Classroom Chronicles nominated for Best Teacher Blog! Please vote for Mrs Miller here.


Edublogs awards, holidays and more!

Hello everyone,

This week has been a very busy and fun week!

The edublogs awards nominations were revealed, and unfortunately this blog didn’t get nominated…but my other one, Digital Paradise did! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE NOMINATIONS! Make sure to vote for Digital Paradise here, and we are in the group blog category! Don’t forget to vote for my friends who got nominated too!

My classes class blog, Year 6rc is a finalist in the Best Class Blog! Vote for us here.
Esha’s blog This and That was nominated for Best Student Blog! Vote for her here.
Emily’s blog Dawso’s blog was also nominated for Best Student Blog! Vote for her here.
Sophie S’s blog SophieS18 was also nominated for Best Student Blog! Vote for her here.

Year 2rc at my school was also nominated for Best Class blog! Along with their other blog, Flat Rosie’s Adventures! Vote for them here.

My teacher, Mrs Miller has had her blog called Classroom Chronicles nominated for Best Teacher Blog! Please vote for Mrs Miller here.

Another thing is that I have now graduated from Year 6, and the Junior School! I am now ready to move onto the BIG High School, which I have mixed emotions about because I am so excited, but also a little worried about it too, even though I am going to have a BLAST!! I will miss the Junior School, all of the teachers and students, but I look forward to seeing what challenges I am going to face in the High School, along with lots of friendships and work too!


And finally today is…THE FIRST DAY OF THE HOLIDAYS! Yay! I hope you all have a lovely holidays and Merry Christmas, AND  a Happy New Year!


(Pictures: Edublogs Awards 2012 and Happy Holidays)


Year6 final dinner

Hello everybody!

Yesterday (27.11.12) Year6 had their final assembly and dinner. It was a fantastic night full of dancing, Gangnam style, yummy food and hilarious moments!

We got assigned to a table with our friends and the parents got assigned a table too! We sat down ate our first meal, which, by the way was SO yummy! Then Liana and Caroline, our school captains talked. There was then a slideshow of all of us and the pictures were so cute and pretty! Then some music started playing… (AKA what makes you beautiful!) And so of course everyone jumped up and started dancing! There were a couple more songs and then we sat down again and Mrs Vaughan, the Junior school principal did a speech and the teachers of year6 also did a speech, and Mrs Krimmer, the principal of the whole school also talked. They were such nice and touching speeches! All of them were! After that, I am pretty sure there was desert, and then the dancing started!

We were all dancing together and it was so fun and funny! The parents went up to the foyer to have some food, and so we danced…and danced…AND danced…AND danced…until the parents came back down, but that was not the end of the very fun dancing! The parents joined in to songs like YMCA, nutbush, and the Dads especially danced to this one…GANGNAM STYLE! It was so funny I am still laughing 😀 After we danced a lot more, it was time…to go home 🙁 🙁

What a fabuloulistic night! Thanks to all of the people who organized it, and thanks to all of the teachers for teaching us for our final year of junior school, and both the principals! 🙂

I will post some pictures of the night soon!

(Picture: PSY Gangnam Style



Sydney FC- Round 8

Yesterday afternoons game was brilliant! It was against Sydney FC and Adelaide United.

In the first half, Adelaide scored the first goal, but not before Sydney FC’s Yairo Yau scores an awesome goal! Leaving the first half score 1-1. In the second half, both teams played really well, and the scores were so close!….But Adelaide came back with another goal! The final score being 2-1.

Well done to both teams! Now for the statics…


(sydney FC stats on the left, Adelaide united stats on the left)

Adelaide United

2 goals Fabio FERREIRA”20, Dario VIDOSIC”88

3 yellow cards

0 red cards

Sydney FC

1 goa Yairo YAU”56

6 yellow cards

1 red card


Crowd 13,317 @ Allianz Stadium

(Sources: match report info and results pic- Football Australia)

(First picture. Second Picture)