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For the student blogging challenge, I am doing Challenge #2 activity 3. What you had to do was right a post about at least 5 tourist attractions where Miss W and Mr Davo Devil will be visiting when they go away. Here is my post on 5 tourist attractions listed by Miss W!

The first tourist attraction I have chosen is…California! There is one tourist attraction I would like to mention that is located in California. This one is really obvious…DISNEY LAND! I have been to Disney Land twice! It is so fun! There are many, Cafe’s, restaurant, rides and much more in Disney Land! Disney Land is a great place to go for families, couples, and, of course teachers!

Now onto another tourist attraction in Washington. This tourist attraction is loacted at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA. A very important man lives in it called…The president!  And the house that he lives in is called the..White House!  The White House is a very important land mark to all people all around the world! The reason for this is because the president of the United States, Barack Obama lives in it.

Another tourist attraction is in New York. Many people know the devastating terrorist attack  that occurred on the 11th of September, 2001, now known as 9/11. Many peoples lives were lost that day, a little bit less than 3,000 innocent  people died  that day, due to those terrible actions. As a symbol of remembrance and bravery, one man who lost his own brother that day, decided to make a memorial where the two World Trade Centers once stood to bring back the memories of loved ones, and remember what some brave people did that day. This memorial service took place in 2006, when the memorial wasn’t finished, and also this September 11 it took place also, living it half finished, and just the rail station needing to be built.

Another tourist attraction would be in Texas. Some of the Texas lakes is the holiday destination for lots of people. The lakes are big and offer a large space for boating, swimming, water skiing, and jet skiing opportunities. Some of the lakes have Marina slips where you can dock your boat for up to a month. There are also beautiful landscapes and scenery’s that you can look at when you are there.

There is also one last tourist attraction I would like to mention that is in Pennsylvania. There is a centre called Whitaker Centre that provides hands-on science exhibits and children’s activities,  IMAX movies on a giant six-story screen, and world-class live performances of music, theater, and dance. The centre also allows kids and adults of all ages to experience the fun science life.

They are all the tourist attractions I have written about! I hope that you have a clear understanding of how awesome and how fun it would be to go to each of these states! (Student blogging challenge. Challenge #2 activity 3)

4 thoughts on “5 Tourist attractions

  1. Hello Angie,
    I am 12 years old and I live in the USA. I would like to now about where you live and what its like. I live near Washington D.C. I want to go to California too! I have been to Disney world in Florida but never in California. Also, Texas, they seem very nice and friendly. I hope you will visit my blog and comment at 2017knl.edublogs.org.
    Thank you, Kristin.

  2. Hey Kristin,

    I live in Australia, its pretty nice I love all the beaches and natural features!
    I will comment on your blog!
    Keep blogging,

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