Hey everybody!

Today is Thursday 22nd of September 2011 and finally it is the…HOLIDAYS! I will do the same thing as I did last holidays. Each day I will update the status and tell you what I have been up to! Each post I write will go up to the 7th day and then start again the next week.

Happy holidays everyone!

7 thoughts on “Holidays!

  1. Hello Angie,
    I have just went back to school. Do you have any plans to do anything? I see that you have entered the Blogging Challenge and that we both have an interest in common! What Challenge are you up to?
    You have a great Blog!
    From Grace

  2. Hi Angie,
    I am looking forward to seeing what you are going to do in the holidays! Your blog is so cool. I love how you always update it and write interesting posts! Keep blogging,
    T&T (Esha)

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  4. Hey Esha,

    Thanks! I am glad you like my blog!
    I will visit your blog and comment!
    Happy holidays!
    Keep blogging,

  5. Hey Grace,
    Before you went back to school, did you have a really long holiday?
    For the holidays, I am not going to go anything that special, just staying home watching TV, blogging, things like that 🙂
    I am glad that we have the same interests!
    I am up to challenge #2 activity #4
    You have an awesome blog too!
    Keep blogging,

  6. Hi Ella,

    I am glad you like my blog!
    I have written alot of posts already and more still to come!

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