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Hi everyone!

It’s that time of the year again…THE EDUBLOGS AWARDS! Last year I was lucky enough to be nominated for best student blog! Thanks for all of your votes. Here are all of the people I am nominating for this year’s awards.

It was so hard to choose a blog for this category but I have decided to choose Elsa’s learning blog! It is a great blog and she updates regularly and has really lengthy posts that are interesting to read.

This blog is one of my friend’s blogs and it is really good! She uses creative commons and gives the owner of the pictures she uses credit! I always visit this site and there are always new posts on it!

Again, it was really hard to choose but I have chosen to choose the Co-Connections blog. They write about really interesting things like the history of thanksgiving, QR codes, and they connect with other blogs. Co-Connections is a great blog because it has interesting and lengthy posts!

This is a great new blog! She updates regularly and has a received many comments. Also, her posts are very interesting to read!

Year6rc is run by my class’s teachers and students. This is our class blog that we update and to tell the world about what has been happening in our classroom. We have been lucky enough to connect with many other classes and students, and also have some quad blogging buddies! They are really good at writing and sometimes include a slideshow in the posts with the things we have been up to!

This is a great blog owned by one of my friends and it is so good! There are always new posts on the site that are entertaining and fun to read. I visit the site about 1-3 times a week and there are always updates and more interesting posts to read! She also uses creative commons to link images to their owners!

This wiki is full of entertaining and very education movies made by students in Mr Avery’s class, my class and many other classes. All of these videos are so entertaining, which makes it easy for students to learn off them. This is a fantastic wiki!

I definitely think that the Student Blogging Challenge is a great social networking tool. I have done the challenge for two years now and I have learnt so much.

This blog is run by my teacher, Mrs Miller. She is a great blogger and has taught me all about how to blog and has given me many useful tips! Her blog is so fantastic; she connects with so many other classes and teachers, and posts regularly with some really interesting posts!

I have only chosen to nominate people out of 9 categories, but there are many more categories for you to nominate people in! To see what you need to do for your nomination post, click here. Don’t forget to visit the main page of the edublogs awards site for more information!



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