Student blogging challenge #9

Hi everybody,

For the student blogging challenge (#9) there was a HEAP of things we could do! (this was for last weeks challenge)

1. Watch video called ‘Dove evolution‘ what did the producers want you to get out of the video? What was their aim in creating this? What techniques did they use? What is real beauty in your eyes?

I think what the producers wanted viewers to get out of that video, is that natural beauty is the key. As you saw if you’ve watched the movie, in the beggining that girl was just like any one of us, then she got her hair and makeup done, got her pictures taken, and she got photoshop done to her face.

I think that they’re aim in creating this was to get the mesege our to people that the models that you see on billboards that look so perfect, are just like you.

The technique they used was basically before and after pictures of the model.

The real beauty in my eyes is neatural beauty! Not photoshopped beauty 🙂

2. Create a comic strip about internet safety

3. Create a voki trying to persuade listeners to read a particular book
I have done this in a post! To see it click right–> HERE!

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