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Here are some guidelines you might have to follow in order to create a good comment!


Comment avatar

I am not sure if people without a blog have comment avatarsĀ  if you do have a comment avatar, make sure to use a simple smiley face or a letter etc. Avatars such as a picture of you or someone else, a picture of family, friends and violent things, are certainly best not to use. As I have already mentioned, it is better to use a smiley face or something else rather than relieving your own personal identity, or someone elses.

Commenting guidelines with the commenting candles! by ang on GoAnimate

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5 thoughts on “Commenting

  1. Hi I am Cathryn I am in the student blogging challenge too! I was scrolling down the list of participants and I saw you like reading and sports I absolutely adore sports and love reading! Gotta go, time for math.

  2. Hi ang
    I found the commenting guidelines a great thing for everyone. We could all learn from that video. I do find a couple of comments on my blog that only have about one sentence in them. It is always good to write about 4-5 sentences and add a question at the end or a statement which makes everyone think.

  3. Hey Angie. Its Chloe P. I absolutly LOVE ur blog. Itws so interesting. How many years have you had ur blog?? Can you give me some tipes to help to create my blog as good as urs?? I can tell that you really like the SydneyFC team. How are things in Sydney Australia?? My cousins live in Australia Melborn.

    What grade are you in btw?? Do you have an ipod touch?? I do!

    Leave a comment on my blog some time. I like reading ur comments. I think its so cool reading a comment from across the world!!
    Leave a comment on my blog!

    Talk to you later!:)

  4. Hey Angie! I LOVED your comment. Maybe we can exchange numbers and we can talk over our ipod/iphone so we can talk more often. If you decide to heres my email-

    Thank you ever so much for the tips which can help make my blog as great as yours!

    Your Friend From Across the World:
    Chloe P:)

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