How to get your blog badges

Hey everyone!

Some people have been asking me how to get the blogging badges, well here’s how!

Well the way I did it, was I visited The Edublogger site that Miss W from the student blogging challenge has recommended students to use if they want their student blogging challenge badge. You can insert any picture as a widget! To choose Student blogging challenge badge, click here. After you have done that, click on one of those pictures on the post which is on the link that I just gave you. Then visit the Edublogger site. This site will help you as it has helped me! Just follow the simple and easy steps to create your own student blogging challenge badge!

If you didn’t participate in the Student blogging challenge, then you can also get the edublogs badge by going to widgets, and then if you look in Inactive Widgets or Available widgets, then you can also find the Pro Badge! Now I recommend you go to the Edublogger to find out more on how to get your blog badges!

If anyone has any questions to ask about this, please ask me!

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