Last chance to vote!

Hey everyone!

This post is going to explain to you when the edublogs awards are on and also there will be a link to the invitation from the awards site!

Well as most of you know the edublogs awards have been going on. Today is the day when they count up all the votes and tomorrow is the day that they announce it! The edublogs awards team wrote a post about tomorrow’s awards ceremony, and if you click here then it will take you to the date and time of when it will start for you! It is a live ceremony! Here is the invitation posted on the post on the site! Just click here it see it!

Thanks for all of the people that have voted for me! I really appreciate

Guess What!?

Hey everyone!

Well a couple of days ago my friend sent me a message saying that I had been…



I was so excited! I actually didn’t believe her at first but then I checked out the edublogs website and she wasn’t lying! Thanks for everyone that nominated me! I really appreciate it! I personally think that everyone that owns their own class or individual blog should be congratulated! I reckon that everyone has an awesome blog!

Thanks again to everyone that has voted and nominated me for the Best student blog!